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  • Extensions:
    • Extension functions:
      • wfPageIndexSetup
    • Parser extension tags:
      • <pageindex> and <pre>
    • Parser function hooks:
      • int, ns, urlencode, lcfirst, ucfirst, lc, uc, localurl, localurle, fullurl, fullurle, formatnum, grammar, plural, numberofpages, numberofusers, numberofarticles, numberoffiles, numberofadmins, language, padleft, padright and anchorencode
  • Hooks:
    • ParserAfterTidy: wfEditSectionLinkTransform and SBCReklama
    • ParserBeforeInternalParse: SBCurl and SBCJazyky
    • SkinTemplateContentActions: SBCContentActions

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